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ReshoringMfg.com is a sponor of the Reshoring Initiative.  Below is an email update on that initiative.


To: Reshoring Initiative Sponsors

The attached file highlights [shown below] the Initiative’s key activities and accomplishments, focused mainly on the last 12 months.  Our data that shows the strength of the reshoring trend and the power of TCO is in red.

I encourage all sponsors and their members, customers and clients to utilize our Offerings listed in the file.  We are currently seeking to promote customer reshoring cases that highlight your technology or support.  See item 1c in the file. Please call on us to plan how to maximize your value from the Initiative.

Your support has made these accomplishments possible.  We look forward to continuing to work together for the good of our industry and the country.


Harry C. Moser

Founder and President

———–attached file——————–

Reshoring Initiative 8/26/12 report on activities and accomplishments

  1. Offerings:
    1. Total Cost of Ownership Estimator™ is updated and online on our new website.  Hundreds of users.  User data suggests that 25% of what has been offshored should come back if companies use TCO instead of price for sourcing decisions.
    2. Our 296 article online Reshoring Library, sortable by state, country, industry, reasons, etc.
    3. Developed and launched the Reshoring Case Study template.  Contract manufacturers, OEMs, technology suppliers, distributors and associations can easily report cases which are then posted at multiple sites to accelerate the visibility of the reshoring trend.  IMTS exhibitors have been urged to participate.
    4. Created the Reshoring Job Count, tallying all mfg. jobs brought back by reshoring.  Total as of July 5, 2012: 50,000 (10% of mfg. jobs added since the Jan. 2010 low.)
    5. One hundred twenty presentation 2012 annual rate including webinars, TV (Fox Business), radio, etc.  Including repeat at National Press Club. Upcoming Events.
    6. Archived webinars, TV, articles, etc. for training and education.
    7. National visibility:
      1. Inducted in Industry Week’s 2010 Manufacturing Hall of Fame.
      2. On Jan 11, 2012 Harry Moser participated in the White House Insourcing Forum and spoke in a White House Insourcing panel on C-SPAN and on March 28, 2012 testified on reshoring in a Congressional hearing.
      3. Quality Magazine recognized Harry Moser as the 2012 Quality Professional of the Year.
      4. The Commerce Department is working on a SelectUSA website devoted to reshoring and TCO.  The site will direct the visitor to the Initiative’s TCO Estimator.  We are already broadly visible and linked at:

1)    http://nist.gov/mep/reshoring.cfm

2)    www.manufacturing.gov. Click on “Learn More” under Reshoring.

  1. Presented to NAM CMA.  Will do NBER webinar that NAM will promote.
  2. Presented to mutual fund and other fund managers via BB&T bank.
  3. Other:
    1. Seven presentations at universities and academic conferences to train future managers.
    2. Many volunteers bringing the tools of the Initiative to their states.
    3. MANEX (N. CA MEP) used our TCO Estimator to convince a 50 employee company not to move to Mexico.
    4. Forty-two corporate and trade, industry and economic development association sponsors.

Harry C. Moser

Founder and President, Reshoring Initiative

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Larry Fanelle July 6, 2017 at 2:45 pm

I’ve been a proponent of “Reshoring” for many years in my Supply Chain capacities. I was most recently Chief Supply Chain Officer at KNEX. I am responding because I’ve found that many companies, with labor intensive operations find it difficult to Reshore because of non competitive labor rates in the US.
I’m working on “Nearshoring” as a half step to Reshoring. Labor intensive operations can be performed more competitively in the Caribbean before being Reshored. Once Reshored, printing and pack-out operations can competitively finish products in the US.


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