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The move to reshore manufacturing production (also known as homeshoring, onshoring, backshoring, insourcing, and repatriating manufacturing) has grown increasingly popular in the U.S. over the last few years in the face of higher transportation and fuel costs, higher wage rates and higher reject rates in developing countries. Companies can reshore to:

  • Reduce inventories;
  • Reduce lead-times;
  • Improve quality and reduce variability;
  • Reduce chaos and hassles;
  • Speed up innovation;
  • Reduce red tape and regulatory compliance risks;
  • And, most importantly reduce Total Costs.

There are a number of benefits to insourcing manufacturing back to the United States. 60% of OEMs and manufacturers use “rudimentary total cost models” and ignore as much as 20% of the costs of offshoring (according to a 2009 Archstone Consulting survey). If you are not accounting for 20% of YOUR costs to offshore — offshoring may NOT be the most economical decision. And in times of a tough economy and tougher competition, no one can afford that.



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