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by admin on June 21, 2021

Clinton Township, Mich.-based Xcentric Mold and Engineering Inc. is expanding capacity by 40 percent at its manufacturing plant in nearby Shelby Township to meet demand for rapid prototyping and low-volume injection molding.

About a dozen new jobs will be created as part of a plan to increase productivity by 50 percent, according to Ben Thompson, senior vice president of marketing.

“Our focus has been helping to augment the supply chain and help organizations diversify through reshoring back home,” Thompson said in an email.

Founded in 1996, Xcentric serves the medical, industrial, aerospace, consumer, defense and automotive markets.

“We have actually seen continued growth across industries, however, not surprisingly, we’ve seen more involving the medical industry,” Thompson said.

Customers turn to Xcentric throughout the design process.

“We’ve been lucky enough to help engineers from Tesla to Amazon to an entrepreneur on Kickstarter trying to make their dreams come true,” Thompson said.

With rapid prototyping, customers can have physical parts in their hands within days, which helps them get parts and tools to production faster, he added.

“We have grown over 20 percent through the pandemic helping engineers keep their projects on track,” Thompson said of the business owned by New York-based private equity firm Riverside Co.

Xcentric officials are not disclosing any annual sales figure or the amount being invested in the capacity expansion that will enable it to produce hundreds of thousands of additional parts.

The company, which currently has about 120 employees, has already beefed up its quality assurance, project management and customer service teams to support rising demand.

“With the massive increase in our Shelby facility, we’ll be able to produce more parts at faster speeds all right here at home. The increased efficiency will help designers iterate quicker, getting better products to market faster,” Xcentric CEO Matt McIntosh said in a news release.

Operational advances are related to agile manufacturing processes, digital systems and transparent communications.

“This improved focus has allowed us to decrease lead times while improving service allowing our customers to iterate and go to market faster,” Tom Neill, vice president of operations, said in the release.

Xcentric teams shifted to agile processes during the pandemic and is building on them, Neill added.

“We are optimizing our agile processes to deliver rapid manufacturing services that are more nimble, more responsive, and more capable of supporting our customers’ changing production requirements,” Neill said. “Employees have quickly adapted to new operational procedures and increased communications across departments to ensure everyone stayed aligned.”

Digital systems were upgraded, too, to connect data from mold designers and production technicians to employees in assembly and shipping.

“Even though we have moved into the post-pandemic phase, logistics are still difficult to navigate,” Neill said. “Teams are still scattered, and in-person meetings are still a novelty.”

In addition to injection molding and rapid prototyping services, Xcentric also offers computer numerically controlled machining and 3D printing to designers and engineers across all industries.

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